Scottish Apprenticeship Week - Why You Should Hire One

Scottish Apprenticeship Week - Why You Should Hire One

8 March 2017



In any business, attracting the right people with the right skills set is essential to securing a healthy future. That’s why we’re celebrating Scottish Apprenticeship Week, because who better to attract than bright, young minds who are willing to dedicate their future to a specific career path?

Modern Apprenticeships are designed to meet the needs of your industry, and help you grow. Because they learn through experience, apprentices develop and refine their new skills to suit your business and your customers.

As well as hiring new people, apprenticeships can be used to improve the skills set of your existing staff as everyone learns together. So from taking on an enthusiastic young member of staff, you could end up with more productive employees.

Organisations like Skills Development Scotland offer specialist one-to-one support for any business looking to take on an apprentice – so you wouldn’t be going it alone. They can offer advice of payroll, hours of work and qualifications.

There are three different types of apprenticeships that you could welcome in to your business – Foundation, Modern and Graduate Level.

Foundation Apprenticeships offer school pupils the chance to complete their qualification in S5 and S6, alongside Highers or Nationals. They spend time out of school at college and with employers.

Modern Apprenticeships are perhaps the best well known of the three and are frequently advertised to young people. In this case, the individual is just like any other of your employees – except that they are completing on-the-job training and working towards a qualification at the same time.

Graduate Level Apprenticeships are qualifications that are designed to suit your industry, and go up to Masters degree level. They're flexible enough to meet your specific needs as an employer – for new recruits or existing employees.

So, as you can see, there are a number of options available to businesses when it comes to taking on an apprentice. These young workers can prove to be invaluable assets for your company, ensuring that your current bank of skills is right up to date.

Apprenticeships are a great alternative to traditional graduate schemes to attract keen, new talent and, by showing the apprentices that you are willing to make an investment in their future, it’s also a great way to retain staff.

All the skills that the apprentices learn are designed to specifically suit your business needs: essentially tailor made to meet any skills shortages you may have. And what business doesn’t need a fresh pair of eyes as to how certain projects are done?

As well as hiring new starts, you can also utilise apprenticeship schemes to boost the skills set of your existing staff, which is a great way to meet any training needs you might be faced with.

The cost of any training is partially covered by organisations like Skills Development Scotland but any costs incurred should be seen as an investment in your company’s future.

After all, if you’d happily pay for new technology or uniforms to develop your workforce, why not splash out on the very best apprentice to do the same?

Happy Scottish Apprenticeship Week.


Written By Mary Palmer


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