10 Absolutely Nonsensical Stock Photos

10 Absolutely Nonsensical Stock Photos

3 March 2017


Whether you’re trying to put together a presentation or just looking to post an article on LinkedIn, chances are you’ll have come across some fairly hilarious stock photos.

No matter what site you use, you will always find a photo that has no business being in the group of images you searched for.

Even when you think you’ve searched for something fairly generic, all sorts of nonsense can crop up. From weird poses to oddly placed food, we take a look at some our favourite weird stock images.

Don’t you just hate when your boss arranges for your latest meeting to take place on a surfboard?

Often, when we’re stressed out, our heads become pineapples, too. We also like to hold up shiny dollar signs.

We’ve heard of someone being called a ‘cold fish’, but we’ve never actually shaken hands with one.

Gosh, don’t you just hate it when you’re forced to sulk around the office in your bra?

We typed in ‘bad day at work’. Now, we can’t stop laughing. How miserable does that pug look?

Talk about a breach of Health and Safety – this poor wee girl clearly doesn’t have a fear of heights!

It’s really annoying when you and your twin brother get in to a talcum powder fight at work.

Trust Steve from Accounts to take 'Dress Down Friday' that one step too far ... 

This lush green carpet (?) seems like the perfect place to keep your mouse.

We typed in ‘businessman’ and got a guy spilling donut filling down his tie … Makes perfect sense. 

Written By Mary Palmer


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