Employer Branding: Get Your Message Out There

Employer Branding: Get Your Message Out There

2 March 2017



Most companies spend a small fortune on marketing, ensuring that the very best version of their brand is made known to the wider public. In doing so, they forget one small thing: branding is very much a two-sided issue.

There is your public brand, which is conveyed through social media, advertising and so on. But there is also employer branding – the way in which you can attract potential employees to your business and see off the competition in the process.

There are three main strands of thinking that a company really needs to nail down if it is to be successful with employer branding.

Define your audience

Are you targeting active job seekers or stand out talent at the competition?

Where can you reach your target groups: Job boards, social media or industry literature?

Do you want just raise your company profile or are you looking to target a specific group?

Define your message

Your company should be offering the ‘4D’ effect to potential candidates:

  • Desirable: Offer something that your potential candidates want.
  • Distinctive: Present something unique that sets you apart from the competition.
  • Deliverable: Make sure you don’t promise something you can’t keep.
  • Durable: Your offers shouldn’t have a best-before date but be sustainable.

Define your EVP

EVP stands for Employment Value Proposition, essentially meaning any perks of benefits you can use to attract employees to your business. You should look to include:

  • Your corporate mission, values, and goals
  • Your products or services - and why they are worth contributing to
  • Your benefits for employees (e.g. free canteen, on-site childcare, pension plan)

In order to get your message out, you can utilise a number of marketing tools such as your website, job ads, email marketing, career fairs and even email signatures. You should also make full use of any reviews posted about your company on social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn – highlight them to make sure other people notice what’s being said.

Whilst your company image is equally important, it’s the little things that can really make the difference to employer branding – and this could be the key to securing and retaining the right talent for your business.



Written By Mary Palmer


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