Gender Pay Gap: Looking At Output, Not Hours

Gender Pay Gap: Looking At Output, Not Hours

20 February 2017



News reports on the gender pay gap don't seem to want to disappear from our media outlets any time soon. Working mothers, in particular, seem to be getting a raw deal when it comes to catching up after maternity leave. 

Women working in the finance and insurance industries are hit the hardest by this burgeoning gap in wages. 

A new report from the government does recognise that equalising women’s productivity could add £600 billion to the economy, and if 2.2 million women who want to work could find suitable jobs, the economy could be boosted by 10 per cent by 2030. 

So what's holding women back? 

Companies who have returning mothers amongst their employees would do well to 'upskill' these valued members of staff in order to catch them up quickly on any projects or business developments they may have missed out on. 

On the flipside of this, women need to stop undervaluing the contributions they make to the workplace. 

Our MD, Hilary Roberts, wrote a passionate piece on the matter for The Scotsman. And, as a woman in business, she knows a thing or two about battling for her place at the table. 

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Written By Hilary Roberts


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