Seeing Beyond the Job Spec

Seeing Beyond the Job Spec

14 February 2017



Recruiting staff to join your business can be an uncertain process.

What an asset it would be to your search if you had someone who will really get to know your business and remain in contact far beyond employment success - someone who is so in tune with your company they could almost be part of your team themselves.

We’re all adults – we don’t need to be spoon fed – but having someone who can see beyond a job description to help you ensure that whoever joins your team will be a valuable asset is essential.

Jackie MacGregor is a Managing Consultant within our Professional Services team, bringing over fifteen years recruitment experience to your employment journey. She is a stalwart not only within our office but within the industry itself. She says: “It’s all about getting to know a business, working in partnership, speaking to hiring managers and understanding the dynamics of the team. All of this means I am sourcing the right candidates and putting the right people in front of a client.”

Recruitment can often be seen as a ‘faceless’ but Jackie’s success in securing the right people for the role has even landed her one or two invites to Christmas nights out and office parties – proving that her working relationships extend well beyond making a few phone calls or sourcing people.

Jackie and her team are specialists in the Professional Services sector, giving them an incredibly unique understanding of the market, ensuring that they are fully able to meet the needs of both a candidate and a company.

These connections can often last years and, in some cases, a candidate’s entire working life. Clients find themselves returning to Jackie consistently for her credible advice, knowledge and enduring work ethic.

One client says of her: “Where other recruiters have struggled to grasp our needs Jackie has listened to us to understand the culture of our business, the skills, qualities (including the important personal ones) and experience we look for in candidates and has successfully placed all of our support staff over the past five years.”

Jackie insists it’s about being available on the other end of the phone, ready to confirm she’s found some great people for the job or able to chat about all the good things about a candidate that are not mentioned on a CV. It’s not about forcing anyone into rash decisions.

Recruitment is very much about finding the right fit – and this is a two way process. She will often pop along to a business for an informal chat in order to get a real feel for the office and the staff. This is crucial when it comes to ensuring that the client and candidate are a perfect match and is a much more proficient way to kickstart the recruitment process than simply sending a few emails.

This also means that clients cannot wait to praise Jackie’s service and attitude: “Jackie invested a significant amount of time researching our firm and was generally very supportive and passionate in terms of assisting with our recruitment.  We currently use three or four recruitment agencies and I generally find Jackie by far the most reliable in terms of finding the right fit of person for our roles and who fit the required competencies and who would be the best fit overall for the firm.”

Jackie and her team of specialists are the market leaders at finding the right candidates to meet your needs right now, whilst making sure that your business objectives are taken care of. 

To get in touch with Jackie for more advice (whether recruiting or job hunting), click here to view her contact details. 

Written By Jackie MacGregor


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