Loving Our Jobs This Valentine's Day

Loving Our Jobs This Valentine's Day

13 February 2017



Valentine’s Day is upon us (seriously, where did January go?) and it would seem that love is well and truly in the air. 

But not just with your nearest and dearest – with your job. There is that saying that if you do something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

We asked people why they loved their jobs: what they did and why it kept them motivated. Because a job is just as big a commitment of your time as any relationship, so it’s just as important to find a perfect match here as it is with a partner.

Many people couldn’t wait to enthuse about their day-to-day, with a wide range of reasons keeping them motivated to get out of bed every morning.

Whether it was because they could inspire others, provide a service or simply be their own boss, we take a look at some of the reasons why hard working employees love their job.

“I love the pace of the job and the fact that no two days are the same. It’s challenging and I’m always educating myself to keep up with the ever-changing nature of the job.”

- Harry, Researcher

“I love building capability in my staff and seeing them do well. I love getting to travel with my work, too.”

- Gemma, Front Line Manager

“My job comes with perks such as a free gym on-site. I can use it at my lunch break and come back to my desk feeling refreshed.”

- Nathan, Market Research Executive

“I love watching kids learn and develop – the way they look at the world is so different to adults. There is a real sense of achievement when you see something finally click for a kid who didn’t believe in themselves.”

- Siobhan, Teacher

“I love learning new things, helping people and trying to make a difference. Perhaps that sounds clichéd but it’s true.”

- Craig, Communications Specialist

“We send genuinely hand-written notes on behalf of companies. As a stationary addict, I love this!”

- Samantha, Marketing Director

“I love constantly pushing myself to find new ideas and new angles to approach a task. I like not being tied to a desk all day, either.”

- Sarah, Freelance Copywriter

“I love the flexibility that my job provides – I’m trusted to set my own targets. It allows me to balance work and personal time and actually encourages me to work harder!”

- Alex, Employee at Physiotherapist Website

“I love the people I work with and the variation in work – so many amazing people, ideas and clients.”

- Doug, PR Executive

“I love communicating with customers to ease their move and get them organised.”

- Kate, Home & Office Relocation Manager

“I go all over Scotland with my job, which can be demanding but it means I get to see a new set of faces every day. And I love the satisfaction of hitting a target.”

- Jason, Senior Sales Manager

“I love it when customers give me positive feedback or when they leave my business feeling good about themselves.”

- Michelle, Beauty Salon Owner

“I love giving catered and bespoke advice to ensure clients get exactly what they are looking for. I also enjoy the creative aspects of the role: organising, chasing copy, giving input in to display campaigns. I love being valued.”

- Chris, Media Sales Executive

So if there is one thing that has emerged from our enthusiastic employees, it’s that their colleagues – or, more specifically, the company culture – is what really makes their job worth going to. After all, they will be spending more time per week with their co-workers than their spouses. Second to this is the feeling of satisfaction that customer feedback gives.

Getting out of bed on a Monday doesn’t seem so bad after all, does it? 



Written By Mary Palmer


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