7 Exciting Jobs for 2017

7 Exciting Jobs for 2017

6 February 2017


You heard the one about the gin company looking for someone to travel across Europe and sample their product? Or getting paid to watch Netflix? Or the cruise liner looking for someone to vacay with them for £3000 a month in exchange for a mere few Instagram snaps?

2017 is set to be an exciting year for recruitment, with all sorts of never-before seen roles up for grabs. So, if you still don’t know what you want to be when you grow up, now could be the time to engage in a truly unique employment opportunity.

It’s all about new technologies and reaching new audiences. Think you’ve got what it takes? Check out these seven unique jobs for the year ahead.

Bug Bounty Hunter

Salary: £238,450 per year at the top end

Education: Varies

How many times have you switched on the news to see that yet another big company has fallen victim to a cyber attack? No company really wants to admit that their staff are capable of hacking, but these days you have to play the aggressors at their own game. Maybe we should use the term “software researcher”, wink wink.

Simulated Astronaut

Salary: £14,300 per year

Education: Must meet basic requirements of the NASA Astronaut Program (undergraduate degree in science, engineering, or related field)

Last year, NASA sent a team of six to simulate life on Mars for a year. They were exploring, excavating and living life as if they really were on the red planet. They spent their twelve months in a 1200 square foot dome, which was embedded in a former quarry. Funded by NASA and the University of Hawaii, the project definitely requires teamwork and patience.

Professional Activist

Salary: £23,850 - £39,750 per year

Education: Advanced degrees common, but not required

With Brexit and Trump set to dominate our headlines and newsfeeds for a long time to come, why not capitalise on the protests and make a career out of it? A professional activist should be socially conscious and good at organising crowds and events. Thinking beyond the basics of marches and placard waving is essential.

YouTube Sex Ed Teacher

Salary: £79,490 per year (YouTube revenue only; includes sponsored videos)

Education: Human sexuality background typical, but not required

Let’s not kid ourselves, we’re usually nothing more than a few clicks away from finding sexual content online, so why not use that for good? Given that Britain still has high rates of teen pregnancy and a growing number of middle-aged adults with STDs, isn’t it time that we talk about sex? Engaging content is super important in the competitive YouTube market, so don’t be camera shy.

Vegan Butcher

Salary: Variable

Education: Advanced degrees common

Either through a belief in animal rights or engaging with the clean eating craze, vegan restaurants and snacks are becoming far more common place in our high streets and supermarkets. So what exactly would a vegan butcher do? Get their chopping board dirty with the juice of plant-based products such as hamburger patties and steaks. They’re so realistic, we doubt even the most amorous of carnivores could tell the difference.

Compost Collector

Salary: £12 per hour

Education: Not necessary

With everyone being encouraged to be more environmentally conscious, lots of jobs such of this have suddenly appeared on the market. Composting consists of turning food scraps into healthy soil. The process reduces landfill waste and offsets millions of pounds of methane, a greenhouse gas, every year. It’s dirty work but also immensely profitable, with private collection services popping up worldwide.

Death Doula

Salary: £31,800 - £55,640 per year

Education: Medical background typical, but not a prerequisite. Certifications available.

End of life care and death are now much-less taboo topics than they were even thirty years ago. A death doula will essentially guide a patient through their final moments, peacefully and with companionship. You’ll need plenty of compassion and the ability to form excellent human relationships. And, no doubt, a stiff upper lip.




Written By Mary Palmer


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