Relationships In Insurance Recruitment Matter

A Long-Lasting Relationship In Recruitment Matters

24 January 2017


Finding a new job is a rewarding yet challenging process to go through. It is important to have people who you can trust on-hand during what can be a long-term project to provide you with advice and support.

Not necessarily to hold your hand – but someone who you can bounce ideas with, sense-check information you receive from potential employers, and give you honest feedback.

Stuart McKenna is a Principal with our General Insurance team, the leading recruiter in this sector in Scotland. His up-to-date knowledge and relationships across the market are key to his success. “Every day I meet insurance professionals to discuss what is happening in the sector” he explains, “ keeping completely up to date with the industry helps me to help my candidates develop their career and gives them confidence in my ability to support them through the process of sourcing a new job.”

HR Consultancy is now in its twenty-first year. Our long-standing reputation means that people come back to our team for help time and time again. Recently, Stuart has placed a senior insurance specialist for the fourth time in their career. This is not unusual. “I get calls from very ambitious people who love doing what they do although are keen to find out if opportunities do exist for them to develop their careers. I am always very honest – sometimes this means I tell the person that their best opportunity is to remain where they are. But occasionally I believe that now is the right time for them to start considering a move. I will then begin the project and help the candidate to source an employer that can help them achieve their career ambitions.”

As our teams are specialists in their individual sectors, they have a unique understanding of the market and are able to seek out opportunities that match specific requirements - recruitment is very often about finding the right job in the market, or working with employers to create an opening for a qualified person.

This approach means both the candidate and employer are matched very closely from the outset. The candidate was ecstatic with the outcome. After starting their new role, they got in touch to explain why. “I appreciate the time that Stuart has spent achieving great positions for me every time. His understanding and careful interpretation of the direction that I want to go in always works very well. It is never just about filling a vacancy. This process works particularly well for me.”

Stuart and our team of insurance recruitment specialists are the market leaders at finding the right opportunity that meet your needs right now, whilst making sure that your business objectives or long-term career development is taken care of. 

To get in touch with Stuart for more advice (whether recruiting or job hunting) click here.

Written By Stuart McKenna


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