LinkedIn Changes 2017

Are the LinkedIn changes significant or even improvements?

20 January 2017



LinkedIn has changed! But there is no need to be scared

The vast majority of people use LinkedIn on a regular basis. In fact, according to LinkedIn, half of the UK working population has a profile on the leading business social network, with 25% of users logging in at least once a month.

LinkedIn was purchased by Microsoft on December 8th, a process that started in June 2016. Since that kicked-off, they started making significant changes to improve the service. It is being described as a complete overhaul of their architecture, though to you and I the main changes will be around design and where you find things.

The intention has also been to align the desktop version with the mobile version to try and give everyone a more consistent experience.

There are major changes that hit the majority of (but not all) users in three areas that will impact the vast majority of everyday LinkedIn users. 

  • Layout

LinkedIn has been teasing people with this since before Christmas (some got the update early) and it is the first thing you notice when you log in. The design is very different but the majority of changes are subtle. Overall though the navigation is a bit more intuitive and as already noted, a bit more like the mobile app experience.

Most of what you had access to is still there, it might just be in a different place. To see who has viewed your profile you now click Who’s viewed your profile at the left-hand-side of the screen instead of people viewed your profile at the top-centre. The ways to keep in touch box has disappeared – I’m assuming this will now appear in your activity feed – and has been replaced by the advertising pane that used to sit below it.

It seems that to see all of your recent activity you need now go to your profile instead of using the link that appeared on the main page. There is now only one combined option for posting (reflecting what other social media networks have been doing for a long time).

The biggest change though is the removal of the advanced search button. Advanced search is easy to access, though – simply hit the Search button (the magnifying glass) and it will take you into it.

  • Search

The biggest change!

You will recall that LinkedIn had the vast majority of search options in separate text boxes. This has now been removed and replaced by the option to structure your search using more complex operators. Click on structuring your search to see more options

LinkedIn has also removed the postal code and radius search option. For example, if you want to run a simple search for people called “Billy” who are based in “Glasgow” then you need to – in the search field – type firstname:Billy Glasgow. This seems to give you people in the surrounding area too, but I am uncertain on what criteria is applied.

Once you have run the search, you can still (subject to what type of account you have) apply various filters. At first glance, the majority of filters still appear to be present and the only major omission from search, in general, is the postal code and radius search.

  • Messaging

This is a much needed and expected change. The messaging facility is now similar to what you would find on Facebook – a real-time instant messaging tool. Conversations will appear at the bottom of your screen on any window and are not restricted to the separating messaging pages. It is not quite as fluid though as Facebook Messenger – if you click on the Message button one of your connections profile, it still takes you through into the separate messaging pages. Some work to be done there LinkedIn.


Overall, these changes are fairly cosmetic unless you use Search or Messenger heavily. What do you think of the changes? As we use the new version more I am sure that more changes will be found. 



Written By Billy McDiarmid


@Steve a good summary! If you are currently looking for a job just now, do you like that when you search for a person that it now automatically gives you job suggestions at the top of the page?
Posted on Friday, January 27, 2017 15:08 by Billy McDiarmid
View The new outlay is actually better, fresh blue and white look, personally thought the older version was outdated and tiring. Performance I hope the platform works well with the app. In the past it was conflicting with updates, appear to be sluggish Key Words I think the new changes with training and job search to be more direct and hopefully pick up “key words” in ones profile. Interaction I hope the new finds more interaction from the LinkedIn community – I have experienced many inviting to connect but don’t interact with the individual as they appear more interested in how many connections they can add. Overall More changes on the way for the better. This is an opportunity to enhance the customer experience and change the way we search for our next adventure.
Posted on Thursday, January 26, 2017 10:04 by steve
Thanks for your comment @Patsy - I would agree it probably will not impact the vast majority of users.
Posted on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 14:31 by Billy McDiarmid
Can't say that the changes are impacting my use of Linkedin greatly. As with all IT products, they are always getting tweaked, supposedly for the better and as a user you just have to adapt to the so-called "upgrades"!
Posted on Tuesday, January 24, 2017 14:29 by Patsy Petrie

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