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Working In Recruitment - A 'Dream Job' Catcher?

30 September 2016


What could be more rewarding than landing people their dream job?

Well working in recruitment that’s exactly what you do every day. From finding a lawyer a new role in a top corporate firm to placing an engineer on an offshore rig in Singapore, everyday a recruitment consultant makes dreams come true. 

But what does a day look like in the world of recruitment? We asked Andy Brady, HR Business Manager for leading Scottish recruitment firm, HR Consultancy, who gave us a sneak peek into his daily work life. 

A big part of my day is spent on the phone. From interviewing potential candidates to negotiating a deal with a client, the phone is essential. Many people shy away from the phone nowadays in favour of email or text but in the recruitment business it’s essential to have real conversations. It’s the only way to really get a good grasp of what people are like. 

Reading people is an essential skill in recruitment. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. I’ve always been ‘a people person,’ but it takes practice to genuinely understand what a person is like from just one interview. I watch interviewees’ body language, listen to their tone and try to find their USP – that’s what an employer is looking for. 

This job is a bit like speed dating. Often I can interview up to eight people in a day so I’ve got to be really clear in my head what skills set and type of individual I want to make sure we find the best person for the job. A perk of the job is getting to meet so many different characters from all walks of life. Even if the job isn’t suitable for them this time round, the chances are they will be perfect for something else – a recruiters’ contact book is their most precious tool. 

Sometimes I feel like a detective. It’s easy to build up a profile of a candidate from their social media channels. It’s standard practice now for recruiters and employers to do a background check on social media – so just be careful what you post!

Negotiation skills are non-negotiable. We spend a lot of time trying to get the best deal for both clients and candidates. Whether that means salary, benefits or working conditions, it’s my job to iron out the deal that will make everyone happy. 

What people want from a job is changing. It’s not all about the money anymore. Work life balance is so important for new recruits, as is flexible working options and the opportunity to work from home. Technology also plays a big part and a commitment from an employer on professional development is really crucial. 

Tenacity is essential in this game. You need to have the drive and desire to get the best end result and sometimes that means trying, trying and trying again. It can take time to find the best candidate for a role and then you need to sell the company to the candidate and vice versa. A positive mental attitude helps and a good sense of humour goes a long way to getting through the sometimes busy days. 

My Plan B was to be a presenter on Top Gear because I love cars but I think Jeremy Clarkson took my spot before he ran into his own HR issues. 

Written By Andy Brady


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