Video Interviews

Video Interviews

27 May 2014


Every day more employers are going online to interview their prospective employees; it’s not feasible bring in every potential candidate for an interview in person.   Online interviews save time and money, so if you haven’t had an on-screen interview yet, expect one in the near future.

HR Consultancy itself now uses video interviews as a method of screening candidates.

First of all you should verify your equipment, this doesn’t need to be state of the art but the microphone and camera should work well and help you get the job.   Generally, the company who has invited you to an interview will supply you with specifications which allow you to test your equipment beforehand and avoid technical difficulties.

Setting the scene

Now you have your equipment ready to go it’s time to think about the background and prepare yourself for the interview. 

  • Set up your equipment in a quiet room where you won’t be interrupted. Nothing says unprofessional like children or pets in the background. 
  • Avoid all distractions and this goes for the interviewer too, you don’t want the focus to be taken off you.
  • Position the camera so that it focuses on your head down to your shoulders and no more.
  • Lastly, adjust the lighting to ensure there are no shadows or bright spots on you.

What should you wear?
Always dress like a professional, top to bottom, just in case you have to get up from your chair and get a document. 

Before the interview
Practice makes perfect, now that you have the above in order you should have a practice interview with a friend/family member who can give you feedback on how you came off or at the very least record yourself and watch it back.  It's also a good idea to have  glass of water on hand just in case. If you think you will have technical difficulties with your equipment, let the interviewer know. 

Good luck !

Written By Billy McDiarmid


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