What To Wear For Interview And Work

What To Wear For Interview & Work

23 August 2016


HR Consultancy has recently updated its dress code. We now have a business casual policy and there was a massive rush by our team to buy new clothes! 

But deciding what to wear for an interview or at work has become more complicated over the past few years. This is not about a relaxing of dress code or being less fashionable - it is simply that perception has changed on what is deemed to be professional. You do not need to wear a suit to be 'suited and booted' and some businesses have had poor press recently for trying to enforce a dress good that is not only old fashioned, but could even be viewed discriminatory. 

T.M Lewin recently published a useful guide on what to wear at work. Usefully, they included different categories including Business Formal, Business Professional, Business Casual, Small Business Casual and Creative. They have bundles for both women and men.

But remember - make sure to check what your employers (or potential employers) dress code is before you buy anything. There is no point in wasting money!


Written By Billy McDiarmid


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