Diversity Isn't Just A Boardroom Or Gender Issue

Diversity Isn't Just A Boardroom Or Gender Issue

12 July 2016


I spoke to The Herald recently about work that I have completed with Scottish Golf and how that industry can show business the benefits of boardroom equality. 

Following the merger of the Scottish Golf Union and the Scottish Ladies Golf Association, I helped to recruit the board of this newly-formed organisation. It stated in its constitution that a minimum of three women and and a minimum of three men must be part of the board. 

With the game under massive scrutiny for a lack of diversity (the recent votes at Muirfield and Royal Troon have seen both no and yes majorities to the question of allowing female members), golf was suitably positioned to illustrate the importance of recruiting more women to boardroom positions. 

The benefits are clear to Scottish Golf. In order to modernise, the game must must appeal to a wider group of people than it currently does. And this is something that businesses need to do as well.

But this is important in all areas of diversity - not just gender equality and not just in the boardroom.

Diversity sourcing across all social indicators can improve business performance. A Josh Bersin study last year demonstrated that those who have "talent strategies integrated with inclusion, diversity and culture" performed better than those without. And a Glassdoor study highlighted that job seekers evaluate potential employers based on the diversity of their workforce. 

We have clients in Insurance, Banking and Accountancy and many others sectors who already benefit from strategic diversity sourcing. We live in a deeply connected and global world. It shouldn't be any surprise that more diverse companies and institutions achieve better results. 

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Written By Hilary Roberts


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