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My Week At HR Consultancy

27 June 2016


As part of our commitment to helping young people into work, HR Consultancy works with individuals looking for work experience. Last week, we were delighted to welcome James Smith to the team. 

After a very warm and kind welcome on Monday from everyone in the office, my nerves settled fairly quickly. I came in not knowing a thing about the business, the market or how you would go about recruiting people - but this quickly changed. The HR Business Partner Allan Davidson quickly - but clearly - explained the process. The Marketing & Technology Manager Billy McDiarmid gave me an in-depth and interesting tutorial about Firefish Software (the recruitment database) works and how to effectively use it for the job at hand. This gave me just about everything I needed to know to start. 

Throughout my week, I was at just about every desk and reviewed multiple jobs that are performed in the business. However, I would say that my highlight must have been on Tuesday morning when I met Scott Ferris. Scott recruits for one the UK's biggest insurance companies and he invited me to join him at the office of this firm. He has several candidates taking part in an assessment to be recruited for the firm and it was very eye-opening. I took part, and it put my basic textbook knowledge to shame as I actually got to see how it is done. It wasn't how I expected it to be. 

At other points during my thoroughly enjoyable week I spent a lot of time looking at CV's, doing the job of the some of the recruiters to find good candidates for their jobs. I worked with German speakers and Customer Complaint specialists. As a pupil who will very soon be looking to apply to universities and jobs, it was very useful to see what kind of CV catch recruiters eye and which ones don't. Now, I have a very useful knowledge of recruitment and what I need to be doing to get jobs in the future. I would like to think that I have gained my knowledge from some of the best people in the business. 

Written By James Smith


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