HRC Recruitment Blog
16 April 2018
Written by Mary Palmer

  Meeting with a recruitment agency for the first time can be a fairly daunting prospect. If you tend to get the interview ‘fear’ you may feel the same way when you take the first step towards finding employment. All we... read more

Meeting Your Recruiter for the First Time
13 April 2018
Written by David Stark

  Recently, the news has been filled with the reporting of the UK Gender Pay Gap , wherein businesses declared their median hourly rate for their male and female employees. Without doubt, it revealed a real problem in gender bias across several... read more

9 April 2018
Written by Mary Palmer

  Perhaps you’ve been in your current role for a long time. Or maybe you’ve been unemployed for an equally long time. Either way, you’ve decided you would like a new job. But how do you go about it? We’ve already... read more

Where To Start With A Job Search
5 April 2018
Written by Andy Brady

  The deadline for British businesses to declare their gender pay gap was midnight last night. All companies with more than 250 employees were due to disclose details of the gap between the average hourly rate of pay for male and... read more

Gender Pay Gap Reporting: What Does the Deadline Tell Us?
29 March 2018
Written by Karen Keenan

  Recruitment is an incredibly people orientated business; every day I speak to or meet with new candidates, ready to take the next step in their career. There is no better way to help a candidate achieve their goals than by... read more

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