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15 June 2018
Written by Mary Palmer

We spend the biggest chunk of our lives at our workplaces. Day in, day out, surrounded by the same colleagues and faces. Sometimes, you strike it lucky and get in with a great bunch of people. Other times, not so... read more

7 People You Find in Every Office
14 June 2018
Written by Andy Brady

  One of the most amazing things about being human is that each one of us – like a snowflake or a fingerprint – is entirely unique. We all learn, see things and make decisions in different ways. No two people will have... read more

Diversity Conference Scotland - Neurodiversity
7 June 2018
Written by Andy Brady

  A couple of weeks ago, I attended The Diversity Conference Scotland. It was a Glasgow-based event, in association with The Herald, Standard Life Aberdeen and Gen Analytics. Certainly, issues of gender have been a hot topic in business editorial, so... read more

Diversity Conference Scotland - Recap
29 May 2018
Written by Jackie Shields

  If you’re struggling to find work, or simply want a working life that is more flexible, becoming a temporary employee (or a ‘temp’) could be the answer. Whatever your reason for opting in to temporary work, you should register with... read more

The Benefits of Becoming a Temp
21 May 2018
Written by Jackie Shields

We’re approaching the summer holiday season wherein most businesses may well find themselves operating with something of a skeleton staff. So, what would happen if, on top of that, one of your employees had to take long term sick leave,... read more

The Benefits of Hiring Temp Workers
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